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2/3/2016Bulletin4The Epidemiology of Non-Occupational Adult Blood Lead Levels — Alaska, 1996–2015  (pdf-106K)
2/1/2016Bulletin3Survey on Marijuana Use, Awareness, and Beliefs — Alaska, May 2015  (pdf-238K)
1/26/2016Bulletin2Preterm Birth Update — Alaska, 2007–2014  (pdf-80K)
1/25/2016Bulletin1Adolescent Electronic-Cigarette Use in Alaska, 2015  (pdf-58K)
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12/4/2015Bulletin29Dog Bite Injury Hospitalizations and Estimated Burden in Alaska, 2001—2011  (pdf-78K)
12/2/2015R and R2Increase in Hospital Emergency Department Visits Related to Use of Synthetic Cannabinoids — Municipality of Anchorage, July to September, 2015  (pdf-904K)
11/22/2015Bulletin28Multistate Salmonella Poona Outbreak Linked to Cucumbers — Alaska 2015  (pdf-60K)
10/16/2015Bulletin279-Valent HPV Vaccine Now Available through the Alaska Immunization Program  (pdf-62K)
10/8/2015Bulletin26Meningococcal Disease in Alaska: Recent Changes in Circulating Serogroups  (pdf-76K)
10/6/2015Bulletin25Radon in Alaska — Current Knowledge and Recommendations  (pdf-130K)
9/24/2015Bulletin24Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance: Occupational Exposures — Alaska, 2007–2014  (pdf-130K)
9/21/2015Bulletin23Palivizumab Prophylaxis — Alaska, 2015–16 RSV Season  (pdf-85K)
9/8/2015Bulletin22Influenza Vaccine Recommendations and Administration for the 2015–16 Season  (pdf-97K)
9/8/2015Bulletin21Influenza Vaccines Available During the 2015–16 Season  (pdf-84K)
8/27/2015Bulletin20An Analysis of Concurrent HCV/HIV Testing Practices in Alaska, 2014  (pdf-64K)
8/26/2015Bulletin19Extragenital Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases  (pdf-59K)
8/20/2015Bulletin18Exposure among Children to E-cigarettes and Liquid Nicotine — Alaska, 2010–2014  (pdf-75K)
8/20/2015Bulletin17Adult Electronic-Cigarette Use in Alaska  (pdf-63K)
7/31/2015Bulletin16Alaska Influenza Surveillance Summary, 2014–15 Season  (pdf-246K)
7/14/2015R and R1Health Impacts of Heroin Use in Alaska  (pdf-270K)
7/7/2015Bulletin15Tuberculosis in Alaska, 2010–2014  (pdf-59K)
6/25/2015Bulletin14The Financial Cost of a Large Tuberculosis Outbreak in an Alaska Village  (pdf-95K)
6/15/2015Bulletin13Infant Mortality in the Sleep Environment—A Case Series Analysis, 2012–2014  (pdf-77K)
6/5/2015Bulletin122014 Annual (January–December) Infectious Disease Report  (pdf-89K)
5/27/2015Bulletin11Updated Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment Recommendations  (pdf-66K)
4/30/2015Bulletin10Gonococcal Infection Update — Alaska, 2014  (pdf-83K)
4/29/2015Bulletin9Chlamydia Infection Update — Alaska, 2014  (pdf-88K)
4/9/2015Bulletin8Syphilis Update — Alaska, 2014  (pdf-78K)
4/1/2015Bulletin7HIV Update — Alaska, 2014  (pdf-116K)
3/18/2015Bulletin6Trichinellosis Cases — Alaska, 2005–2014  (pdf-92K)
2/24/2015Bulletin5Marijuana Use among Women Delivering Live Births in Alaska, 2002–2011  (pdf-104K)
2/5/2015Bulletin4Suspected Measles Case in Alaska — January 2015  (pdf-76K)
1/27/2015Bulletin3Pertussis Outbreak in the Interior Region — Alaska, Fall 2014  (pdf-107K)
1/13/2015Bulletin2Chickenpox (Varicella) Update  (pdf-83K)
1/7/2015Bulletin1Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning — Alaska, 1993–2014  (pdf-67K)
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12/23/2014Bulletin24Toxicology Findings Associated with Violent Deaths — Alaska, 2003–2012  (pdf-121K)
12/9/2014Bulletin23Updated Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination Recommendations  (pdf-136K)
11/26/2014Bulletin22Two Cases of Tetanus — Alaska, 2012 and 2014  (pdf-60K)
11/14/2014Bulletin21Implementation Updates for the New Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program (AVAP)  (pdf-119K)
9/23/2014Bulletin20Palivizumab Prophylaxis — Alaska, 201415 RSV Season  (pdf-108K)
9/9/2014Bulletin19Alaska Influenza Surveillance Summary, 2013–14 Season  (pdf-77K)
9/2/2014Bulletin18An Imported Case of Mumps — Alaska, 2014  (pdf-64K)
8/28/2014Bulletin17Influenza Vaccines Available during the 2014–15 Season  (pdf-86K)
8/28/2014Bulletin16Influenza Vaccine Recommendations and Administration for the 2014–15 Season  (pdf-86K)
8/19/2014Bulletin15Non-toxigenic Diphtheria Cases — Alaska, 2012–2013  (pdf-58K)
8/13/2014Bulletin14Alaska's New Vaccine Assessment Law: Increased Access to Vaccines at a Cost-Savings  (pdf-80K)
7/22/2014Bulletin132014 Updated Fish Consumption Advice for Alaskans  (pdf-90K)
7/22/2014Publication Fish Consumption Advice for Alaskans: A Risk Management Strategy To Optimize the Public's Health  (pdf-571K)
6/23/2014Bulletin12New Pre–exposure Prophylaxis Recommendations for the Prevention of HIV Infection  (pdf-85K)
6/18/2014Bulletin11Gonococcal Infection — Alaska, 2013  (pdf-70K)
6/18/2014Bulletin10Chlamydial Infection — Alaska, 2013  (pdf-88K)
6/5/2014Bulletin92013 Annual (January–December) Infectious Disease Report  (pdf-114K)
6/3/2014Bulletin8Drowning Deaths in Alaska  (pdf-117K)
5/27/2014Bulletin7Ongoing Syphilis Outbreak Update  (pdf-86K)
5/20/2014Bulletin6Vitamin D Deficiency and Rickets among Alaska Native Children  (pdf-88K)
4/17/2014Bulletin5Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2013  (pdf-109K)
4/8/2014Bulletin4Blood Lead Surveillance in Children Aged <18 Years — Alaska, 1995–2012  (pdf-109K)
3/24/2014Bulletin3Update on Haemophilus influenzae Type a Invasive Disease — Alaska, 2002–2013  (pdf-66K)
3/18/2014Bulletin2Bed Bug Complaints on the Rise  (pdf-65K)
3/6/2014Bulletin1Q Fever in Alaska – Update  (pdf-63K)
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12/27/2013Bulletin29Overview of New Public Health Reporting Regulations, Effective December 29, 2013  (pdf-74K)
12/17/2013Bulletin28Work-Related Assault Hospitalizations and Homicides — Alaska, 2003–2012  (pdf-70K)
12/5/2013Bulletin27Non-Fatal Injuries among Commercial Fishermen — Dutch Harbor, 2007–2008  (pdf-80K)
11/15/2013Bulletin26Huffing in Alaska  (pdf-85K)
11/6/2013R and R1Risk Factors for Suicide at the Community Level — Alaska, 2003–2011  (pdf-167K)
9/26/2013Bulletin25Syphilis Outbreak Update — Alaska, 2011–2013  (pdf-63K)
9/5/2013Bulletin24Influenza Vaccines Available during the 2013–14 Season  (pdf-85K)
9/5/2013Bulletin23Influenza Vaccine Recommendations and Administration for the 2013–14 Season  (pdf-87K)
8/30/2013Bulletin22Palivizumab Prophylaxis Recommendations — Alaska, 2013–14 RSV Season  (pdf-116K)
7/22/2013Bulletin21Infections Associated with International Travel in Alaska Residents  (pdf-63K)
7/17/2013Bulletin20Death Due to an Accidental Ammonia Release — Southeast Alaska, June 2013  (pdf-67K)
7/15/2013Bulletin19Alaska Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis: 2008–2012 Data Summary and Policy Change  (pdf-64K)
7/9/2013Bulletin18Pregnancy-Related Mortality in Alaska, 2000–2011  (pdf-61K)
7/9/2013Bulletin17Pregnancy-Associated Mortality in Alaska, 2000–2011  (pdf-80K)
6/11/2013Bulletin16Gonococcal Infection — Alaska, 2012 and January–March 2013  (pdf-83K)
6/11/2013Bulletin15Chlamydial Infection — Alaska, 2012  (pdf-92K)
5/31/2013Bulletin142012 Annual (January–December) Infectious Disease Report  (pdf-114K)
5/15/2013Bulletin13Hepatitis C Update — Alaska 2003–2012  (pdf-171K)
5/1/2013Bulletin12Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak — Kenai Peninsula, Jan–Feb 2013  (pdf-79K)
4/22/2013Bulletin11Vaccine Hesitancy among Mothers of 3-Year-Old Children — Alaska, 2009–2011  (pdf-84K)
4/1/2013Bulletin10Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2012  (pdf-86K)
3/12/2013Bulletin9Linkage to Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Alaska  (pdf-109K)
3/12/2013Bulletin8New Pharmacy Services for Expedited Partner Therapy for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea — Alaska, 2013  (pdf-62K)
3/4/2013Bulletin7State-Supplied Vaccines Now Available for All Children Aged 0–35 Months  (pdf-63K)
2/27/2013Bulletin6Alaska Hair Mercury Biomonitoring Program Update, July 2002 – December 2012  (pdf-86K)
1/30/2013Bulletin5Pertussis Epidemic — Alaska, 2012  (pdf-77K)
1/14/2013Bulletin4AKVDRS Homicide and Legal Intervention Victims Update — Alaska, 2007–2011  (pdf-63K)
1/14/2013Bulletin3AKVDRS Suicide Update — Alaska, 2007–2011  (pdf-89K)
1/14/2013Bulletin2AKVDRS Summary of Violent Deaths Update — Alaska, 2007–2011  (pdf-112K)
1/4/2013Bulletin1Updated Gonococcal Infection Treatment Guidelines  (pdf-64K)
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12/5/2012Bulletin26Toxicity and Hospitalizations due to Opioid Pain Relievers — Alaska, 2001–2010  (pdf-196K)
12/4/2012Bulletin25Tuberculosis Update: LTBI Therapy and TB PCR Testing  (pdf-150K)
11/27/2012Bulletin24Updated Pneumococcal Vaccination Recommendations for High–Risk Adults  (pdf-147K)
11/1/2012Bulletin23Abusive Head Trauma among Children Aged <2 Years — Alaska, 2005–2010  (pdf-119K)
9/27/2012Bulletin22Alaska Falling Short on Vaccinating Children—Let's Focus Our Efforts!  (pdf-80K)
9/26/2012Bulletin21Alaska Influenza Surveillance Update, 2011–12 Season  (pdf-73K)
9/25/2012Bulletin20Hospitalizations Due to Motorcycle Crash Injuries — Alaska, 2001–2010  (pdf-93K)
9/17/2012Bulletin19Public Health Legal Tools for Noncompliant Patients with Infectious Tuberculosis  (pdf-55K)
9/4/2012Bulletin18Palivizumab Prophylaxis Recommendations — Alaska, 2012–13 RSV Season  (pdf-115K)
8/29/2012Bulletin17TIV and LAIV Influenza Vaccines for the 2012–13 Season  (pdf-96K)
8/29/2012Bulletin16Influenza Vaccine Recommendations and Administration for the 2012–13 Season  (pdf-108K)
7/30/2012R and R1Characteristics of Suicide Among Alaska Native and Alaska non-Native People, 2003–2008  (pdf-488K)
7/26/2012Bulletin15Hospitalizations due to Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning — Alaska, 1993–2010  (pdf-73K)
7/25/2012Bulletin14Psittacosis Update  (pdf-61K)
7/17/2012Bulletin13Work-Related Injuries — Alaska, 2001–2010  (pdf-79K)
6/29/2012Bulletin122011 Annual (January–December) Infectious Disease Report  (pdf-127K)
6/21/2012Bulletin11Gonococcal Infection — Alaska, 2011  (pdf-72K)
6/21/2012Bulletin10Chlamydial Infection — Alaska, 2011  (pdf-71K)
6/14/2012Bulletin9Non-medically Indicated Early Term Deliveries in Alaska, 2005—2010  (pdf-57K)
5/22/2012Bulletin8State Funding Increases Vaccines Distributed by Alaska Immunization Program  (pdf-114K)
3/27/2012Bulletin7Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2011  (pdf-85K)
3/7/2012Bulletin6Outbreak of Chickenpox at a Child Care Facility — Kenai Peninsula, 2011  (pdf-74K)
2/29/2012Bulletin5Child Fire-Related Mortality — Alaska 2005–2011  (pdf-88K)
2/21/2012Bulletin4Syphilis Outbreak — Alaska, 2011–2012  (pdf-70K)
2/21/2012Bulletin3HIV Outbreak — Fairbanks, 2011–2012  (pdf-103K)
1/5/2012Bulletin2Fall-Related Injury Hospitalizations among Older Adults — Alaska, 2005–2009  
1/5/2012Bulletin1Summary of Hospitalizations Due to Fall-Related Injuries — Alaska, 2005–2009  (pdf-81K)
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