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HIV/STD Program


The HIV/STD Program addresses public health issues and activities with the goal of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV infection in Alaska as well as their impact on health. HIV/STD Program staff apply the best available scientific information, public health program experience, and epidemiologic methods to help guide statewide disease control strategies, policies, and activities.


HIV/STD Program activities include:

  • conducting case investigations and surveillance for selected STD (gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis), HIV infection, and AIDS;
  • analyzing and publishing Alaska HIV/STD data and public health recommendations for health care providers and the broader community (see Epidemiology Bulletins posted on this web page);
  • providing public health policy guidance related to HIV/AIDS and STD;
  • interviewing (or coordinating with other public health providers to interview) HIV and STD patients for sexual (and for HIV, injecting) partners; assisting HIV and STD patients to confidentially notify partners of their exposure; and assisting partners to access screening and treatment, as appropriate;
  • providing consultation to, and follow up with, clinical service providers on diagnosis and treatment for patients with STD;
  • working with the State Public Health Laboratories to make appropriate screening technology available for detection of STD and HIV, with emphasis on populations at increased risk of infection;
  • working with the statewide HIV Prevention Planning Group to set priorities and target effective uses for federal HIV prevention funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (see the Alaska HIV Prevention Plan);
  • providing targeted HIV prevention grants and technical assistance on HIV prevention interventions to community based and local governmental organizations, consistent with priorities developed by the statewide HIV Prevention Planning Group;
  • providing HIV care grants to community-based organizations for individualized case management; client advocacy; access to HIV-related medications; and payment for outpatient medical, dental, mental health, and other supportive services for individuals and families affected by HIV;
  • providing training for health and social service providers on topics such as HIV prevention counseling and HIV testing and HIV/STD risk reduction interventions;
  • sponsoring continuing education opportunities related to HIV/AIDS and STD for medical and other health care professionals, in collaboration with other agencies (in particular, two centers at the University of Washington in Seattle: AIDS Education & Training and STD Prevention/Treatment); and
  • conducting activities to evaluate programmatic efforts to prevent and control STD and HIV.

Many other credible HIV/STD resources are available online, and individuals seeking general information about STD and HIV are encouraged to take advantage of the following useful sites:

Alaska HIV/STD Program Resource Sheet

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